Strawberry Jam

PennyBy Penny  

June 9, 2015


2 kg of ripe strawberries ( small ones or halve them )

1.7 kg jam sugar

Juice from 2 lemons


1Hull the strawberries , cut out any soft bits . Reserve about 10 small ones

2Mash the rest into a pulp

3Put into a preserving pan or large heavy based pan , along with the sugar and lemon juice

4Bring to a boil

5Add the rest of the strawberries

6Put a saucer in the freezer

7Boil the jam for about 15 minutes , stirring regularly.Keep checking the setting point for the last 5 minutes . To do this you put a little jam on the cold saucer then put back in the freezer for a minute . If it wrinkles when you push your finger on it , your jam is ready

8Remove it from the heat , spoon off the pink scum .

9Pour into sterilised jars, cover with a disc of waxed paper and seal