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00Slow Cooker Lemon Meringue FudgeChocolate,Lemons, Meringue, fudge ....what's not to like? With just 4 ingredients this is one of the simplest easy fudge recipes that you can get. The subtle lemon flavour offsets the sweetness of the white chocolate. It's a soft set fudge so is best kept in the fridge to keep it from being too sticky, but you could coat it in a little icing sugar or wrap it in a greaseproof paper casing to enable you to hold it without getting sticky fingers. The step by step pictures give you a handy guide on how to make it so its a good one for the children to try out. It also makes a great gift for them to give to their grandparents, or friends & family. Why not have a go, and let us know how you got on in the comments below. We love to hear from you
00Slow Cooker LasagneSlow cooked Lasagne is a softer but no less delicious dish than is cooked in the oven and I think its my favourite way of cooking this now. I tried a variation of the white sauce by adding onions and lots and lots of cheese because no dish is ever spoiled by too much cheese 😄. This is a filling and tasty meal that is a firm family favourite. The step by step guide helps you recreate this at home. Why not give this a try and let us know how you got on in the comments. We love to hear your success stories.
00Slow Cooked New PotatoesNew Potatoes are quintessentially the flavour of spring and summer. Whether your favourite is a Jersey Royal or an Ayrshire tattie their earthy nutty flavoured is fantastic in salads or as a side dish to your roast dinner.This gentle cooking method also allows the full flavour of the potatoes to come through. Yes, you could boil them for 20mns on the hob or in the microwave (but I don't have one) but on hot summer days that's not ideal -who wants a hot, steamy kitchen.? so this was the better option imo. This means I can do lots at the one time and use some for dinner and some for potato salad during the week. It also means it can free up space on the hob if your cooking other dishes. Try out this method for yourself and let us know what you think
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