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Build your own soup – a beginners guide

I love a good bowl of soup! Not only is soup cheap to make and sooooo adaptable it is also very healthy and a great way to get veg into fussy kids. When Kyle was younger he was quite fussy with veg so rather than have a fight every night at dinner time we had an agreement. If he didn’t like whatever veg we were having as a side he could have a small bowl of soup first. So instead of eating 2 TBSP of sweetcorn (example) he would eat a bowl of scotch broth which probably contained his 5 a day portions of veg.

If you’ve never made soup before it can be daunting but really it is easy. The chart below shows how to do it. But the best thing to remember is if it is tasteless all you have to do is build in some more flavour. This can easily be done by throwing a stock cube or some herbs into the soup and cooking for another few moments! Enjoy!

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