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we often have this discussion on the page . So it’s about time it was on here .

What can you freeze ? The answer may surprise you . Almost anything can be frozen .

Freezing can change the texture of foods but they are still edible .

Got some veg in the fridge that really needs using ? Oh but you’re out the next couple of night, don’t bin it freeze it !!

To freeze veg prepare as normal then blanch for 2-3 minutes in boiling water and then plunge in ice cold water to stop the cooking process, drain dry , bag and freeze. You don’t need to blanch peppers or mushrooms just chop and freeze. If freezing homemade chips or wedges , freeze them flat and not touching on a tray and then bag.woody herbs can be frozen as they are . Other herbs chop and pop in an ice cube tray with a little olive oil or water or just bag.

Fruit freezes really well , soft fruits should be frozen flat on a tray and then bagged. Other fruits can either be pre cooked or just prepared and frozen. lemon and orange slices freeze and make a great addition to a cold drink at a BBQ.

Leftovers can be frozen, reduced meat and fish can be frozen even if it’s on date .

Bread and cakes freeze really well.

You can freeze milk, cream ( although give it a stir first) .Cheese freezes although it’s better if grated first. Even eggs freeze whisk them or seperate them first .

Leftover wine ( I know , what’s that ? ) can be frozen in ice cube trays , then just pop a couple into a stew .

Pizza and bread dough can be frozen after proving .

Homemade gravies and sauces freeze .

What doesn’t freeze ? Hmm not a lot some foods with high water content eg cucumber and lettuce could not be used in a salad after freezing but could be cooked or used in a sauce .

Top Tip; label any food you freeze : freezer roulette can be fun but not if you get out pulled pork and its stewed rhubarb .

So use your freezer ! If it’s running low then fill empty milk bottles with water and freeze or pack out with newspapers or boxes . Why ??? Because a full freezer is cheaper to run than an empty one .



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  1. What would you recommend using when trying to freeze a bulk load of pasta sauces. Can you use food bags or does this need to be containers? Thank you.

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