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Getting the most from a turkey/chicken

I bought a half price frozen turkey in Aldi this week for £5.49. I defrosted it and cooked it in my slow cooker yesterday for 10 hours on low. When I took it out I left the juices in the slow cooker. Then I stripped the meat off the carcass and added all the bones, skin etc back into the slow cooker along with a bay leaf, the top and tail of an onion, the peelings and top and tail of 4 carrots and 2 pints of water. Then I left it on high for 12 hours to make a really good quality stock. Once I’d drained off the stock and put it into 1/2 pint portions to freeze I added everything back into the slow cooker again and topped up with more water to make another lot of weaker stock that I’ll use for soup!

The leg, thigh and wing meat I split into 4 lots of 200g portions and will freeze these to use in pies, chow mein, fried rice, pasta etc

and the breast meat got sliced and put in an oven proof dish and covered in gravy. This fed 8 tonight for a roast dinner and I have half left! This is now in a dish to be frozen for next time!

So that is the equivalent of 8 meals for 4 people , 4 x 1/2 pint of strong stock and enough stock and pickings for a large pot of broth tomorrow from a £5,49 Turkey!

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