Mongolian Beef Mince

A rich and satisfying dish for a cold winters night

By Eve

Cajun salmon hash

A different take on salmon

PennyBy Penny

Crustless Quiche

A tasty healthy treat

PennyBy Penny

Low carb crackers

Low carb high fiber crackers

By Dawn

Wrap Pizza

An easy meal you can adapt using anything you have in the fridge. Change the toppings for endless possibilities

By Eve

Crispy Chilli chicken

A tasty fakeaway

PennyBy Penny

Gypsy Tart

A Kent school dinner favourite

PennyBy Penny

Chocolate Toothpaste Tart

A school pudding favourite

PennyBy Penny

Chicken Supreme

A creamy chicken casserole

PennyBy Penny

Pork Schnitzel

A tasty pork dish

PennyBy Penny