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Yule Log

They’ll fight over this !

PennyBy Penny

Chicken and veg soup

Nothing better then soup on a cold night .

By Dawn


Add your choice of dried fruits

PennyBy Penny

Jalepeno Corn Bread

This is more cakey then bread like

PennyBy Penny

Tuna melt

Top bread, bagels or crumpets

PennyBy Penny

Homemade Butter

Buy reduced price cream to make cheap as chips butter

PennyBy Penny

Flavoured Butters

Flavour up to suit you

PennyBy Penny

Pickled Pears

Another pickle that’s great for Christmas

PennyBy Penny

Roasted Beetroot

A lovely vegetable side dish

PennyBy Penny

Steak and Mushroom Pie

Easy to make

PennyBy Penny