Crisp bakes

PennyBy Penny  

September 28, 2015


A selection of left over cooked vegetables ( potatoes , swede carrots cabbage

A small quantity of mashed potatoes

Some finely chopped cooked meat ( I've used chicken and bacon )

Salt and pepper

Fresh chopped herbs ( optional )

1 egg beaten

Dry breadcrumbs


1Mash the vegetables and potatoes together

2Stir through the meat , herbs ( if using ) and seasoning

3Put a little flour on the work surface

4Take balls of the mix and shape into patties

5Dip into the beaten egg then the breadcrumbs

6Heat a little oil in a pan

7Fry the crisp bakes on both sides until golden and serve

8Can be frozen , great on their own with beans and an egg or as a side to sausages

9For a vegetarian option omit the meat and breadcrumb or add a little cheese