Flavoured Butters

PennyBy Penny    

October 14, 2017

Flavour up to suit you

  • Prep: 15 mins



Herbs- depending on the flavour

Spices- depending on the flavour


1Soften the butter then for

2Garlic butter -add Garlic and parsley

3Chilli butter -add chilli flakes

4Lemon butter -add lemon zest and black pepper

5Herb butter - add dried mixed herbs

6Italian butter - add finely chopped sundries tomatoes , basil and grated Parmesan

7Chilli and lime- add chilli flakes , coriander and lime

8Horseradish -add grated horseradish and black pepper

9Lemon herb -add lemon zest , parsley and chives

10Mustard -add grain mustard and parsley

11Parsley -add parsley , lemon juice

12Red wine butter -add red wine , chopped parsley and finely

13chopped shallots

14Anchovy butter - add chopped anchovies or a squirt of anchovy paste

15Mix the ingredients into the softened butter along with some salt and black pepper then roll on greaseproof ( like a Christmas cracker ) and freeze . Just cut off slices as needed


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