Paprika chicken and sweet corn relish

PennyBy Penny  

April 11, 2015

An alternative to a beef burger


4 chicken breasts

A little sunflower oil

2 tspns smoked paprika ( you could go hot if liked )

150g cooked sweetcorn

3 spring onions

3 tbspns sweet chilli relish

4 ciabatta rolls

Salad leaves


1Butterfly the chicken breasts

2Brush with the sunflower oil

3Sprinkle on the paprika

4Cover and marinate for a good 30 minutes

5Put the sweetcorn in a bowl

6Chop the spring onion finely, add it to the sweetcorn

7Put the sweet chilli sauce in with the sweetcorn and onions and stir well to combine

8Put a frying pan on the hob to heat then add the chicken

9Cook for about 5 mins each side

10Toast the ciabatta rolls

11Put some salad leaves onto the bottom of the roll, top with a chicken breast and a spoonful of the relish . Put on the top of the bun and serve

12Serve with extra salad or fries

13If short on time you can cook the chicken straight away