Feed Your Family The Cookbook
00Chinese style Chilli ChickenChinese is my all time favourite cuisine. I would eat it everyday if I could 😀. Its quick to prepare, full of flavour and looks fantastic. This dish is no exception. Its got a little bit of sweetness courtesy of the caramelised peppers and a touch of mild heat from the chilli. Which makes this a perfect combination for a family meal. The takeaway version can sometimes be greasy but this is anything but which is the joy of a fakeaway. Why not try to recreate this in your own home and add to your Fakeway repertoire. The step by step instructions will help you to feed your family a yummy meal in no time. Let us know how you get on in the comments below
00Brazilian Coconut Chicken CurryThis curry is packed full of flavours. Its zesty,fragrant,spicy with a creamy richness that is exactly how a good curry should be. I normally mix the dry spices together and coat the chicken as I've done with previous dishes but I forgot till half way through and so worried that I'd messed up but nope, it was fine. Which is what I love about curries. They are very forgiving and trust me, with my memory that is a bonus. The step by step guide is easy to follow but it is just a guide. If you want to change it up or swap an ingredient because you don't have it then go right ahead. Why not give this a try and let us know in the comments how you got on? We love to hear your feedback.
00KFC FakeawayPerfect fakeaway KFC chicken. And a huge thanks to 13yr old Meg for the stunning pic!
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