Feed Your Family For £20...In A Hurry! The Cookbook
00Cod Tikka Masala CurryFish isn't the natural choice when you think of a curry but as I love a curry and sometimes I dont want any meat then fish is a good alternative. This is packed full of goodness from the fish to the veg,has a little spice and some zesty lemon flavours so it's a great treat for the tastebuds. Its a family friendly recipe that you can tailor for your children's likes as well as the adults. Its also quick to cook which is always a bonus. Dont be put off by the spices- I've added my favourite blend but you can just use a tikka paste and skip step 1.Why not give this a try and let us know how you find it.
00Quick and easy salt and chilli prawn with spaghettiDelicious, flavourful and tasty as well as quick and easy! What else could you want from a lunch or dinner option. This salt and chilli prawn dish is a perfect choice when you are short of time. The visual step by step instructions will help you to create an amazing dish in record time that not only tastes fabulous but looks restaurant quality as well! You will be able to wow your family and friends with your cooking skills when you serve this up to them! Let us know once you've had a go at making it in the comments!
00Poached SalmonAn easy cooking method that allows you to add it to lots of dishes such as pasta,risotto and salad
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