Feed Your Family The Cookbook
00Slow Cooker LasagneSlow cooked Lasagne is a softer but no less delicious dish than is cooked in the oven and I think its my favourite way of cooking this now. I tried a variation of the white sauce by adding onions and lots and lots of cheese because no dish is ever spoiled by too much cheese 😄. This is a filling and tasty meal that is a firm family favourite. The step by step guide helps you recreate this at home. Why not give this a try and let us know how you got on in the comments. We love to hear your success stories.
00Chinese style Chilli ChickenChinese is my all time favourite cuisine. I would eat it everyday if I could 😀. Its quick to prepare, full of flavour and looks fantastic. This dish is no exception. Its got a little bit of sweetness courtesy of the caramelised peppers and a touch of mild heat from the chilli. Which makes this a perfect combination for a family meal. The takeaway version can sometimes be greasy but this is anything but which is the joy of a fakeaway. Why not try to recreate this in your own home and add to your Fakeway repertoire. The step by step instructions will help you to feed your family a yummy meal in no time. Let us know how you get on in the comments below
00Chinese Marinated Pork Chops with a Mango Chutney glazeThink pork chops can be dry and boring? Well think again.These are succulent, full flavoured and yummy. This is a fantastic midweek dinner. Its speedy and uses the cheaper cuts of pork that makes this a great budget friendly meal that uses store cupboard ingredients. Don't have all the spices? Just leave them out and it will still work out great. You can add a little bit of a kick to the sweetness of the glaze with a touch of chilli or leave it as it is. The choice is yours as, with almost all of our recipes it's versatile and easy to adapt. This step by step guide gives you the basis of a great dish that you can then customise to your own preferences. I've served this with New Potatoes and buttered Spinach with peas and mixed peppers. Why not give this a try and let us know how you got on in the comments below.? We love to hear your thoughts.
00Vanilla cheesecake in a glassA no bake cheesecake thats creamy and delicately flavoured with vanilla. This follows the same principles and method of traditional cheesecake but is a little more of a fancy presentation. Great for date nights, Birthdays, Mothers day or just as a treat at the end of lockdown. Who doesn't like a little treat? This is so easy to do and so is a great one for the children to try their hands at as it's no bake, They may just need a bit of help with the melted butter. You will definitely get an oooh when you present this as I was told by my family it looked restaurant quality. The step by step guide will help you to recreate this at home. Why not give it a try and let us know how you got on in the comments. We love to know what you think of the recipes
00Brazilian Coconut Chicken CurryThis curry is packed full of flavours. Its zesty,fragrant,spicy with a creamy richness that is exactly how a good curry should be. I normally mix the dry spices together and coat the chicken as I've done with previous dishes but I forgot till half way through and so worried that I'd messed up but nope, it was fine. Which is what I love about curries. They are very forgiving and trust me, with my memory that is a bonus. The step by step guide is easy to follow but it is just a guide. If you want to change it up or swap an ingredient because you don't have it then go right ahead. Why not give this a try and let us know in the comments how you got on? We love to hear your feedback.
00Slow Cooker Beef Stew & DumplingsA stew is a great way of using up leftovers and those little bits of stray veg left in the bottom of the fridge,or in freezer bags that you keep promising to use. You can mix it up any way you like and use stuff you or the family maybe don't like so much, as the slow cooker will blend everything together, or you can just keep it simple and do a classic meat and two veg. I've used some cooked Mediterranean mixed veg,some peppers and wholegrain mustard. The addition of dumplings makes it a very filling meal and a nice change to potatoes. The beauty of this is it's totally upto you. This recipe is primarily a guide so you can tailor it to suit you. Why not have a go and let us know how you get on.
00Lemon Cheesecake-no bakeA yummy combination of ginger biscuits and lemon flavours make this a creamy no bake dessert that is so easy to do. Your only problem will be leaving it to set in the fridge without delving into it. Shop bought cheesecake is lovely but can it be bland. With this you can make it for your tastes, so as I love lemon, I added extra because, well...it's for me! I also used the lighter mascarpone to see what difference it made to the recipe and apart from a softer set there was no difference in taste.As mentioned this is a softer whipped cheesecake but that's part of its charm I think, as is the rough edges which you can smooth over if you wish.. I did all of this by hand-no processor or mixer as I wanted to see how truly easy it was. If you have a mixer etc that's fine but I realise not everyone does. My cake tin was being used elsewhere so I had to improvise with another and use some baking paper to enable it come out easily-hence the rough edges. You can use this recipe and the step by step instructions as a guide and tailor it to suit you and your families tastes. Why not give it a try and let us know how you get on.
00Slow Cooked New PotatoesNew Potatoes are quintessentially the flavour of spring and summer. Whether your favourite is a Jersey Royal or an Ayrshire tattie their earthy nutty flavoured is fantastic in salads or as a side dish to your roast dinner.This gentle cooking method also allows the full flavour of the potatoes to come through. Yes, you could boil them for 20mns on the hob or in the microwave (but I don't have one) but on hot summer days that's not ideal -who wants a hot, steamy kitchen.? so this was the better option imo. This means I can do lots at the one time and use some for dinner and some for potato salad during the week. It also means it can free up space on the hob if your cooking other dishes. Try out this method for yourself and let us know what you think
00Cod Tikka Masala CurryFish isn't the natural choice when you think of a curry but as I love a curry and sometimes I dont want any meat then fish is a good alternative. This is packed full of goodness from the fish to the veg,has a little spice and some zesty lemon flavours so it's a great treat for the tastebuds. Its a family friendly recipe that you can tailor for your children's likes as well as the adults. Its also quick to cook which is always a bonus. Dont be put off by the spices- I've added my favourite blend but you can just use a tikka paste and skip step 1.Why not give this a try and let us know how you find it.
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