00Asparagus RisottoBy PennyI like this recipe as it doesn’t use wine ,  but you can some some stock for wine if liked
00Ham & Pineapple Fried RiceBy Dee

I make fried rice the same way regardless of the ingredients added. In this case it was ham and pineapple, but other favourites include peppers, left over chicken, left over vegetables, bacon, roast meat etc.  I have added many step by step photos to help you. I added quite a lot of soy sauce to ours but thats how we like it. If you want it lighter don’t add so much. I served with chicken which was breadcrumbed with dry stuffing mix, and then a dribble of sweet and sour sauce.

My quantities will serve up to 10 people – Adjust according to your family – my photos show it being made in 2 woks, if you are cooking for less people then one will be fine.

00Chicken curryBy Lorna 

Not the easiest recipe but well worth the effort

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