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DON’T MISS this Muscle Food meat offer delivered fresh to your door!

I know delivery slots are scarce at the moment when it comes to food, so I’ve been speaking to the guys at Muscle Food who have managed to create a 24 and 48 hour delivery hamper for those in need of some essentials!

I love Muscle Food because their meat is great quality and their packages help me to batch cook up to weeks and days in advance. They’re helping you to bulk out your meals right now too with this great quality meat hamper, full to the brim with staples that you can cook fresh or freeze!

The pack makes over 24 meals and is sure to keep your family going for a while when you’re stuck indoors! It hopefully means you won’t have to venture out as often either!

The hamper includes:

  • 1 x 2.5kg Premium Chicken Breasts
  • 4 x 170g Free Range Steaks
  • 4 x 400g Free Range Steak Mince
  • 3 mystery products (all meat and worth £6+)


You can bag all of that for as little as £45! 

Just think of the variation of meals you could be feeding your family on with this pack! Lasagnes, Stir Fry, Pasta, even maybe a romantic steak dinner for a date night indoors! The options are endless.

Best move fast though if you want to snap one up! There’s only 500 available!


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