Peppermint creams

PennyBy Penny  ,   

December 15, 2015


400g icing sugar ( sieved )

1 tblspn condensed milk

1-2 tspn a peppermint extract

Extra icing sugar for rolling

A few drops of green food colour

Melted chocolate ( optional )


1 pack of fondant icing

1-2 tspn peppermint extract

A couple of drops of green food colouring

Melted chocolate


1Put the icing sugar , condensed milk , peppermint extract and a couple of tblspns of water into a bowl

2Mix really well . Add more water if too dry or more icing sugar if too wet

3Divide the mix in 2 and add a drop of green food colouring to 1 half


5Knead it well to mix

6On an island cling sugar dusted surface roll out the mix and cut into rounds . Alternatively roll into a sausage shape and cut into slices . Mark with a fork if liked

7Leave to dry for about an hour

8If using fondant icing knead it well on an icing sugar covered surface , add the peppermint extract and knead until well combined . Rollout as above , Mark with a fork if liked

9Now dip half the peppermint cream in chocolate or drizzle chocolate over them .

10Put on a cooling rack until set

11Bag and gift